Friday, 4 March 2011

Man arrested after being caught masturbating in cow dung!!

Couldn't of made it up if i tried!!!!
Yes, unfortunately this is true. David Truscott, 41, of Cornwall UK was given a three year sentence after "sexually gratifing himself in manure" and being discovered "naked and covered in a large amount of slurry and mud, in a quagmire, surrounded by tissues"

Also, hilariously enough, this is not David's (above) first incident at the farm. He has been visiting the same farm for 7 years, and has been caught climbing into a muck spreader, as well as setting fire to outbuildings which killed livestock, after becoming frustrated over the fact the owners cleaned out the muckspreader as an attempt to stop his behaviour.

If that wasn't enough, when his house was searched they found alarming pictures of animals in pornographic situations and containers of heavy mud and slurry.

Only in cornwall!!!!

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